Our History

Serpent Lord (GR) is a new heavy metal band from Thessaloniki, Greece. They were formed on January 2016 by George Savvage (guitars/vocals), Konstantinos Sotirelis (bass/back vocals) and George Terzitanos (lead guitar/back vocals).

On 13th of May 2017, at their show with Omen, the band released their first demo, which includes the songs “Sacrilegium” and “Blood Offering”. The band has sold 150 copies of the demo and gained very good reviews from webzines and magazines around the world.
Some of them are:

The recordings were done at Infected Studios (summer 2017-winter 2018) with George Infected (Mass Infection) as a producer, who also produced, mixed and mastered the debut album. The band’s debut album, called “Towards the Damned”, is going to be released on September 14, from ALCYONE Music. The album cover is a painting from John Martin, called “Sodom and Gomorrah” (1852), edited by Giannis Antoniou. On May 14, the band released its first video clip for the new song “The Lesser Key”. The video clip is directed by Bob Katsionis (guitars/keyboards at Firewind, Outloud). By now, Serpent Lord (GR) has opened for Innerwish, Omen, Grand Magus, Exarsis and Northwind and they are going to play with Omen, again, on September 16. The band has also played a show in Alexandroupolis and another one on Volos. On 29th of June, Serpent Lord (GR) played their first headline show in Thessaloniki, on their pre-release show. In August, the band decided to add the “(GR)” on the name, so as not to be confused with other bands with the same name.

Line up:
Marios Arikas - Vocals
Giorgos Terzitanos - Lead Guitar/Back Vocals
Konstantinos Sotirelis - Bass/ Back Vocals
Achilleas Chrisohoidis - Rhythm Guitar
Vaggelis Karafotis – Drums

“The Lesser Key” video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjtpKyp9KD4

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