Towards The Damned

Epistle “Towards the Damned”,


Today, we raise up our glasses to greet ITS arrival. The arrival that comes on September 14. It’s not a random date. It’s the date that the Rise of the Cross is celebrated. We will celebrate the Rise of the Serpent. The release of our debut album, called “Towards the Damned” through ALCYONE Music label and Access in Music management.



Use the lesser key, the one you’ll find in your damned heart, to begin the rite. The ambassador of the new age will rise from the shadows, as the darkness falls down from the sky. But the time is on its way. Can you here the cries of the cosmic fate? We do. And they will fight him. But the nephilim is on our side. Malignity and lechery will reign, this is our fate. Nemesis shall be brought.
Chant together:



“Surge ex flamma cecidit angelus
maledicunt patri et caelum”




The vile archangel is summoned. And he speaks every language. From Phrygian to Latin.




“Ios ni se moun knoumane kakon, averet ai nou mon kantos nime zemelo kai deos kai ti tetikmenos ei tou”


The real “Sodom and Gomorrah” is now. Prepare your souls. Because he is the banished from Eden, the stigmatized, the sentenced angel. Your torturer.
Put on your mask and hood. Slit your hand. Dine in blood. Kneel before him and let the terror strike. The sun shall not rise because his wrath defies all magic. This is the time, the orders from the church are clear.




“Embrace with light
Their body and mind
Through torture we will
Plant the seed of the divine”




Get ready to be baptized to the eerie sound of the Serpent.

“He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned”.
Mark 16:16

You are not prepared for this. Are you ready to be damned?

Yours sincerely,




“Towards The Damned” tracklist: 



The Lesser Key
Ambassador of the New Age
Evvuio Oitovo Iman
Sodom and Gomorrah
Serpent, the Lord
Blood Offering
God of Shadows
Seed of Divine