The Gospel of Judas (single 2020)

“The Gospel of Judas” is Serpent Lord’s (GR) new single, released on December 15th.

“The Gospel of Judas” tells the story of a forgotten Gospel, a buried from the Church, Gospel. It tells a different story from the ones we already knew about Judas. A story that could ruin all the Christian Church. Maybe Judas wasn’t a traitor. Maybe he just did God’s plan. Maybe he was betrayed and manipulated by God.

The song was recorded in summer 2020 at Infected studios with George Stournaras as the producer and the lyric video was directed by Giannis Antoniou

“The Gospel of Judas” lyric video:




Line up: Marios Arikas (vocals)

Konstantinos Sotirelis (bass/back vocals)

George Terzitanos (guitar/back vocals)

 Lazaros Bouroutzoglou (guitar)

Nash Makridis (session drums)





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